Wedding only two months away….

Oh dear, my weddings only two months away. Panic mode has set in and I am trying to make sure everything is running smoothly.

The seating planning!

My table plan is done! Yay! We found that this was one of the hardest things to do. People have said this to me quite a lot and I thought ‘Nah, bet it’s not that bad’. Oh how I was wrong!

 I brought a seating planner booklet from Amazon and it was the best thing ever! We could visualise where everyone sitting and with the handy post-its we could move people about no problem.

 It’s complete. Hurrah! The stress is over (unless someone arrives unexpectedly!).

The bridesmaid dresses!

My bridesmaids dresses are almost complete. I decided to go for pastel colours with bright flowers as Tom and I are colourful and bright people and we find this theme best suits us.

This is the pastel blue dress. It has a dipped hem which is brilliant for the summer weather we are going to have (fingers crossed!).

 As you can see the dress isn’t quite finished yet but there is still 2 months to go so I’m not worried yet (!). The other colours are going to pastel green, pastel pink and pastel purple. These dresses have been made bespoke by Miss Ruby’s Clothing.

My wedding dress!

Last but not least, my wedding dress!! I won’t put a picture on here in case my husband-to-be happens upon here. All I can say it fits like a glove and is beautiful!

Let’s wish everything continues on smoothly. I’ll keep you guys updated.

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