My Little Bubble Box Unboxing

 Today I bring you the March My Little Box! I love getting these every month (and it’s the only subscription box I have stuck with) and to me it doesn’t disappoint.  
 My Little Box is a monthly subscription box that comes from France. It is £11 a month (+£3.95 P&P) but if you get it sent to your work address you can get it for £10 plus P&P which saves you a pound (hey it’s all adds up!). Now onto the Unboxing:
  The box comes beautifully designed by their resident artist Kaneko and is always a different a theme each month. This month is the ‘Bubble Box’. 
When you open the box it is well presented tied up with a ribbon and contains a magazine with tips, product information and sometimes recipes. 

 Underneath the magazine are the contents! 

 Now onto what’s inside 🙂

Make Up Application Sponge 

Pretty much a beauty blender. RRP £8 from the My Little Corner online store.  

 It’s packaged up nicely and the sponge is just like the beauty blender so no complaints from me!

My Little Corner Hairbrush

Again another amazingly beautiful product made by My Little Corner. RRP £13 (not sure I would buy it for that price?).  

 This is an all-purpose hairbrush that has smooth bristles and a soft base that can be used for everyday use. I will keep this is my bag for days when I’m out and about and I’m hoping it would be good on wet hair, we will see.  

 Plus the back of the brush is brilliant. 

Bubble Blush -Lip and Cheek Tint

Thought this was a nail varnish at first but it is a lip and cheek tint.  

   The colour looks really bold! Not too sure what to think at first but I applied a small amount on my cheeks and it spread out very evenly and gave a nice pop of colour (a little goes a long way) however on my lips it didn’t show through that well, might have to layer it on to get a bold colour.  
 Lip and cheek tint swatched. 

Essie Nail Polish – Belugaria

Next we have the Essie nail polish in the colour ‘Belugaria’.  

  I do not like this nail polish, at all! It’s black which won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (we are nearly in Spring – come on!) and when applied it has some sort of grit in the formula which doesn’t look right?  The glitter doesn’t show up as the polish is black. RRP is £7.99 and I would not pay that. 

Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara

My fave product in the box! The Givenchy mini mascara is up next and it’s fab! 

 How amazing is the packaging!! The size of the sample is very generous and will go a long way, which means you can get a good insight if the product is for you. The wand has a two toned brush which can give the lashes an instant high volume and the black colour means everyone will be happy. 

Plus it’s Givenchy – who can’t be happy with that? 

Well that’s everything, apart from the nail varnish I love everything in the box. Did you get anything different? 


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