Book of the month: The Unmumsy Mum

I am an avid reader and go through books like hot dinners. I get through a couple of books a week so I thought I could pick my favourite and give it a review.

This month, I have chosen ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ book written by Sarah Turner.

 I have been following Sarah Turner on her Blog, Facebook and Instagram for a while now and I love her posts! Tom and I (my husband in 2 months!) are looking at starting a family after the wedding and I have been buying some pregnancy books, although the information is very important, it just makes parenting seem like a dream. I needed a book which shows EXACTLY what being a parent entails – this is what made me follow Sarah.

Once I heard she was bringing a book out I brought it straight away! On the blurb, the bit that caught my eye was the phrase ‘This is not a parenting manual. This is real life!’ -exactly what I want.
The book starts at the beginning of the pregnancy with when she finds out she is pregnant then progresses through labour, breast feeding and the toddler stages. Not to forget baby number two!

 This book shows that every person can struggle when they become a parent and that you shouldn’t feel ashamed to admit it.
Each chapter contains an actual quote that a parent has sent to Sarah which I believe gives the book a more personal touch. The ease of reading and whitty comments make this book one of my new favourites, I will read it again and again.

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